About Anjanas

Anjana Samaj(Society) is also known as Choudhary, Patel, Kalabi or Patidar Samaj. Members of Anjana Samaj have faith in Hindu religion.

People of this society are mainly located at Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan (in Marwar and Mewar region).

The main professions of Anajanas are agriculture and animal husbandry. Anjana society has progressed at a very fast pace after independence and this pattern is changing with time. People from this society are moving toward business and service sector. Presently, there are many people from society who have factories and shops at metros and other small cities.  Many out of Anjana society are serving in government and private sector at various posts as engineers, doctors, lawyers, teachers, professors and are in administrative services like IAS, IFS etc.

Anajana society has also produced a good number of social, religious and political leaders. In eighteenth century great saint Shri Raja Ram Ji born in Anjana society. He tried to create awareness in society against injustice ( by Thakurs and Rajas) and social taboos. He also stressed about importance of education in society.

Members of Anjana society believe in Sanatan(Hindu) Dharam. Society has produced great saints in different part of country at different times. There are many temples and Maths built by different saints in different regions. In Rajasthan Saint Raja Ram Ji established a Math (Ashram) near Luni, Jodhpur. This ashram is famous as Shikarpura Ashram.